Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate NetworkImagine getting exposure on more than 8000 web sites over night? this is the power of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the relationship between website owners and merchants whereby the merchant offers the website owner (affiliate) a commission fee structure for linking to his/her merchant site to offer goods or services for sale.

Affiliate Marketing is a new and revolutionary method for driving profits through revenue sharing relationships between online merchants and content sites. Affiliate Marketing pushes products and services out to the consumer on virtual shelf space across the web, creating more opportunities for merchants to generate sales, for affiliates to earn revenue from their sites, and for consumers to find the products and services they want on the web.

Affiliate Marketing to a merchant is somewhat different. Merchants can use the services of the network providers on this page to build an online sales force. Hence, either party benefits by making more money! Affiliates are hard working people with a desire to work at home and earn more than they could ever earn in a day job. Affiliate networks place Affiliates and Merchants under the same roof, and allow a kind of interaction between them that is unique to the network community.

Networks are a great way to participate. In fact, over 75% offers come from networks rather than from private programs.

How Does It Work?

Affiliates Programs

With Affiliate Marketing, a merchant recruits content sites to partner with them as affiliates in exchange for commissions.

The merchant provides their advertising banners and links to their affiliates and assigns a commission for each click-through to their site, subscription to their service (a lead), or purchase of their products,which is generated as a result of the links.

Affiliates place the tracking code for these ads into their web pages. Whenever a visitor to the affiliate’s site uses these links to generate a click-through, lead, or sale for the merchant, that transaction is tracked online.

If a product or service is purchased, the customer pays the merchant directly, and the affiliate is paid a commission for that transaction. Merchants and Publishers (affiliate marketers) benefit from this unique arrangement called Affiliate Marketing.

Website owners have the opportunity to earn money through their niche audience, while merchants get a more precise, measureable and targeted means of advertising their products or services.