Automated Voice Message (AVM)

automated-voice-messaging-avmAutomated voice messaging (AVM) solutions enable organizations to achieve their communications goals in a cost-effective, efficient manner through the delivery of automated, professionally recorded voice messages:

People receive the message like a regular phone call
AVM can reach any cell phone or landline

Pre-recorded outbound messages: These are simple one-way messages that deliver a scripted alert or reminder.  They are not interactive but rather informational and do not require an immediate customer response.

Interactive outbound messages: These are two ways communications that enable customers to interact or give feedback during the message by simply using the phones keypad.


AVM Features:

  • Hot Key Transfer: At any time during the message the call can be transferred to your call center or reception by pressing a key on the phone’s keypad
  • Interaction: Interact with your customers by the use of the phone’s key pad. Recipients can answer questions, give confirmations, register for events…
  • Text to Speech: Personalize your message by inserting variable such as name, dates, amounts…
  • Data Collections: Get full detailed reporting on the campaign including who listen to the message, for how long and which key they pressed.
  • Dual Delivery: Detect Voicemails and answering Machines
  • Right Party Authentications: Confirm recipients’ identities before proceeding with the call.
  • Pace your campaign: Customize the flow of your campaign according to your response center capacity.


AVM Benefits:

AVM blend easily into your communication strategy:

  • Fast Implementation
  • Reactive

Reach thousands of people in few minutes:

  • High volume capacity
  • High impact
  • Warm and personalised
  • Reach cell Phone and Landline
  • Consistency

Best value for money:

  • Pay only for recipients reached
  • No set up or implementation cost


Our automated voice messaging solution assists businesses with their customer communication campaigns by delivering professionally pre-recorded voice messages to a virtually unlimited number of customers.

This highly effective communications platform is very flexible.  With capabilities such as message personalization and the ability to include press transfers, companies can quickly deliver customized and targeted customer communications.


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