Direct Marketing

The most important part in any direct marketing campaign is the data quality.Direct marketing

In order to reduce your costs, increase conversion rates and Return on investment you must be able to profile your data according to your target market, there is no point of marketing to a person who won’t buy your product, for instance, you are an insurance broker and run a car insurance campaign, it is crucial that you only market to vehicle owners otherwise you waste time and money and more than that you might irritate consumers therefor it is important to build proprietary models which will allow you to achieve maximum results.

We provide quality data lists, data management and cleansing, data profiling and  lead generation services,  enabling us to create a competitive advantage for our clients, and augment our position as a market leader in South Africa.

In addition we are able to assist our clients with Sales lead generation, data supply to call centres,  Mobile marketing, email marketing and Postal Direct Marketing.

What Databases Do We Offer:

Email lists

Mailing Lists

Mobile lists

Call Centre Lists

Now for all your data needs!