Email Marketing

Email MarketringEmail marketing is often reported as second only to search engine marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.

With the recent rise in the importance of email marketing as part of the marketing mix, bulk email deliverability and sender reputation cannot be ignored.

Email marketing is fast, effective and measurable. Whether you are looking to acquire or retain your existing customers, email is direct and enables you to deliver your message in a targeted and attractive manner.

In terms of ROI, online marketing emails (email marketing) is number one in the world ahead of all other forms of direct marketing including telemarketing and direct mailing.

It allows you as a company to engage and educate your clients and potential customers with email newsletters, online marketing materials, customer correspondences or other electronic documents.

The ultimate goal of email marketing is to increase your business sales and traffic by putting you directly in contact with your target audience, your subscribers and future clients to in order to deliver an effective message with measurable results.

The success lies in the fact that most people who use the internet have email addresses and check their inboxes regularly, making email marketing an effective marketing channel.

Why Email Marketing?

  • 2.9 billion: number of email accounts worldwide (projected to grow to over 3.8 billion by 2014)
  • 1.88 billion: number of email users worldwide (some with multiple accounts, hence 2.9 billion accounts)
  • 25%: share of email accounts that are corporate
  • 294 billion: average number of email messages per day
  • 107 trillion: number of emails sent on the internet in 2010
  • 480 million: new email users since the year before (growing medium)

Companies such as ourself have opted-in email databases and have a further 5 million verified email addresses, which enables your brand to communicate the right offer to the right person at the right time.