Tv Advertising

Many companies in the industry like to argue that television is simply too expensive and pass up a great opportunity to present a company’s products/services to the mass market.


Direct Response TV brings to your company the most qualified, timely and warmest leads that you can find. It is especially effective for many industries such as insurance, banking products, debt products, automobile, etc.

With Direct Response TV advertising you get instant, live phone interaction with motivated prospects – delivered to you in real time.

One factor that makes this channel so attractive to advertisers is the ability to get that direct, and virtually immediate feedback of how well the ad performed.Combined with media tracking services, allows you to get a clearer understanding of who is watching your adverts, and most importantly, when. Doing this gives you a better indication of where and when to place your next campaign.

Why does Direct Response TV work so effectively:

  • No advertising medium works quicker; DRTV advertising produces instant new customers. Up to 80% of consumer response will be received within 15 minutes of airing
  • Advertisements have instant impact – because TV viewers are relaxing at home
  • It’s the perfect demonstration medium
  • There’s a choice of DRTV advertising spot lengths – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 90 or 120 seconds. We’ll help you decide which is ideal for your brand
  • Media budgets are highly flexible, depending on the TV channels you use. When planned properly, DRTV advertising can bring good value
  • Viewers like responding via DRTV because it’s quick, easy and convenient. No letters to write, just one phone call, web visit or SMS (text) message gets everything under way
  • Instant customer response indicates how successful each DRTV spot has been


TV advertising leads conversion is usually very high compares to other channels like SMS Marketing, the leads volume is usually quite high and is able to send large amount of foot traffic to stores, take verimark