Marketing Consultancy

ConsultingThere is a great need in understanding the value of using traditional media in conjunction with digital media.  To get the most out of your campaigns, there is a need to formulate a hybrid model which will integrate both marketing strategies – traditional and digital.

By each channel leveraging off one another, strengthens the impact of the campaign, across the board.

Hybrid strategies are formulated in order to:

  • Interrogate the current marketing initiatives
  • Seek gaps in the current marketing strategy
  • Give insights and recommendations to refine existing digital marketing initiatives
  • Make recommendations regarding the appropriate digital platforms and providers to enhance current marketing

Digital Strategy

Building a Digital Strategy

There are four core stages to building and running a digital strategy:

Each of these stages runs into the next to deliver a coherent digital campaign. Combined, they deliver an ongoing digital strategyas the audience and brand perception evolves.



The planning of a digital strategy involves analysing the following:

• The initial aims andexpected returns

• The background of the brand, present positioning and perception

• The audience (broken down into key segments)

• Audience locations and value of each audience segment against initial aims



The creation stage is purely focused around campaign formalisation. This involves:

• Planning campaign elements based upon previous analysis

• Creating key performance indicators per channel and estimating expected returnper channel

• Design and build of campaign elements /channels

• Planning and establishing actualisation routes,communication flows and expectations



The actualisation focuses on the delivery of the campaign, including:

• Building the engagement timeline

• Engaging with the audience through the engagement loop

• Sampling progress through a campaign and optimising the campaign message

• Recording salient information through each campaign step for evaluation



The evaluation of a digital strategy is imperative to learn the lessons of the campaign,including:

• Evaluating KPIs and fiscal achievement

• Reviewing engagement and unexpected longer term benefits

• Taking lessons on board to build stronger future campaigns

• Scoring the strategy and the benefits that it has given


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