Print Advertising

Print Washroom What is Print Advertising?

A print advertisement can only be effective if people see it. When people are looking through publications, they have a tendency to be receptive to new information and observant of things of interest.

One method of print advertising aims to attract people to products and services as they are reading.

When done correctly, print advertising (such advertisements are found in newspapers, newsletters, magazines & outdoor media) can be a highly effective sales lead generation activity.

When using print advertising as your B2C sales method, you must remember to focus your adverts message on the benefits and applications of your products or services. Then let the layout and design of your ads enhance your company’s image.

A key contributor to the success of print marketing is the adoption of a Short Code, as a call to action technique.It’s not enough that people see your ad, you want them to interact with you by sending their details using the short code.

Once again, this enables you to track the success of the campaign, therefore enabling you to contact the ROI.  When used properly, this medium is a very effective lead generation channel.