Social Media Marketing

Picking the most crowded spot to market your products and services to, is the first step towards success in your business. When it comes to the most crowded place in the internet, it’s Social Media.

Social Media Marketing is the easy way to access the real audience. The visitors share their reviews about a product/service and recommend the site to others through Social Media websites. More the number of reviews, faster the word spreads.

This helps you increase the popularity of your brand and increase the number of loyal visitors to your website.

A Nielsen study showed that:
Social Media

  • “The world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites” (June, 2010)
  • 10.5 million Facebook users in Africa in 2010
  • 93% of all B2B marketers are engaged in some form of social media marketing (recent study by BtoB Magazine)
  • LinkedIn is the most-used channel with 72% of B2B marketers using it for their marketing efforts, citing lead generation as the most valuable result of LinkedIn marketing
  • 1,102,536 LinkedIn users in South Africa (April 2011)
  • at least 11,854 companies on LinkedIn with headquarters in South Africa

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